A Star That Twinkled but Never Got to Shine

A Great Book

The West Coast Ramblers were rated the fifth best band in the nation.


    Tommy Kizziah was born in 1915, into a musical family. An ugly child with a cocked eye, most people thought Tommy was retarded, including his father who was ashamed to be seen with a boy. However, Tommy’s talent of playing the guitar and singing showed the world they were wrong.
    His Father bought him his first guitar at a pawn shop for three dollars. Tommy, nine years old, taught himself to play and soon joined his family on the medicine show circuit.
    In 1929, after his mother’s death, he hitchhiked to Oklahoma City where he met the father of country music, Jimmy Rogers. He worked with Jimmy for a while and for years after the encounter with Mr. Rogers, Tommy kept the the name Jimmy gave him, Sonny Rogers.
    As he grows up, he played with numerous bands in Tennessee, South Carolina and Texas. In 1948 he moved to the state of Oregon where he put together a band. Soon the band is known as Tommy Kizziah and his West Coast Ramblers.
    The West Coast Ramblers were nationally recognized as one of the top five bands in the country. They preformed on live radio shows form the Stage of The Wagon Wheel Park, The Division Street Coral and more. Their show aired every Saturday night right after the Grand Ole Opry. with guest stars such as Maddox Brothers and Rose, Willie Nelson, Ray Price and Marty Robbins, Ferlin Husky, Faron Young and many more.
    This book is about Tommy’s life. Tommy Kizziah was truly the Star That Twinkled but Never Got to Shine.
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